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June 11, 2008 by DragonKid
I was trying to apply a theme and all of a sudden, all of my applications suddenly quit!  I went into the Event Viewer and all of the applications crashed because of WBLIND.dll. I'm not running WB right now because I'm having other issues running it (Like all Aero effects disabled when using it).  Here's my information:

Your computer has a Windows Experience Index base score of 5.2
Your Windows Graphics Experience score is 5.9

WindowBlinds version : WindowBlinds 6.1 (build 97 x8...
June 15, 2006 by DragonKid
I'm just curious on something... What is the longest amount of time you've had your computer running without a restart? In other words, what's the longest uptime you've had? Mine is 31 days. An entire month. 744 hours. I'm just curious.